[Alt Future] Would you participate in a Maker Fair Workshop on Saturday, February 4th at 14-16 at Korjaamo, Helsinki?

Kim Viljanen digikim at altparty.org
Thu Jan 5 17:39:33 EET 2012

Hello all,


Regarding the idea [1] of organizing an "ALT Maker Fair" event in
October at Cable Factory, I would suggest that we arrange a workshop
on Saturday 4th of February at 14-16 at Korjaamo, Helsinki.

In the workshop, I think we should make the following decisions:

1. will there be a maker fair type event in October, 19-21 (Fri-Sun)
at Cable Factory: YES / NO
2. who will lead the event (founding a team of e.g. 5 people to head
the project)? YOU?
3. what are the participating key organizations (in addition to
Alternative Party ry)? YOUR ORGANIZATION?
4. ... (something else?)

The workshop would be kindly sponsored by WDC, who is organizing a big
event related to open data at the same day at Korjaamo. They are
willing to provide us a suitable quiet space for the workshop and I
think the other content of the full day event will interest you too.
(The WDC event has not been announced yet, so more information to be
available soon. The event is free of charge, so you can participate as
much or as little as you like in addition to the Maker Fair workshop.)

If you are interested in participating in the ALT Maker Fair workshop,
please click yourself in here:


When answering, please give your full name and organization to make it
easier to identify people. :)

Please answer THIS WEEK (ending on Sunday 8th of January). If there is
more than a few people interested, the workshop will be organized.
Thank you for your quick response!


PS. "ALT Maker Fair" is a working title, but I put the "ALT" in the
front because at the moment it seems that Alternative Party ry would
be perhaps the main organizer (covering the financial risk?), so I
think Alternative Party should perhaps be somehow visible in the
title. This "ALT" detail - and any other details - can be changed
later. :)

[1] http://lists.altparty.org/pipermail/altparty-future/2011/000088.html

Kim Viljanen, 040-5414654, digikim at altparty.org
Chairman, Alternative Party ry, www.altparty.org

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