[Alt Future] "Maker Fair" to replace Alternative Party in October 2012?

Kim Viljanen digikim at altparty.org
Sat Dec 17 15:26:39 EET 2011


I got recently a preliminary inquiry from the HUB Helsinki on whether
the Cable Factory reservation of Alternative Party ry (15-21.10.2012)
could be used for organizing a Maker Fair type event. There are also
many other DIY / Fablab / etc oriented organizations in Helsinki who
would also like to join and support such a "Maker Fair" event.

So basically, an event of hacking electronics and displaying all kinds
of DIY projects by the different communities around Helsinki (and the

I think this would match the bazar idea that came up during our
meeting at Alternative Party 2011 and also some of the participants
would be e.g. Helsinki Hacklab and others, who have been participating
also in the Alternative Party - so there is an existing connection.

The key question is: Perhaps one part of such a "Maker Fair" could
consist of Alternative Party type of content such as digital art
competitions or live shows or special guests or parties during the
night or something completely else?

What do you think?


PS. If Alternative Party would participate in such a Maker Fair
project, then another key question is: Which organization would be the
main organizer of the event (=providing the basic infrastructure etc):
Alternative Party ry or some other organization? In the first case, it
can be made sure that the event will be happening because we know what
is required to organize this kind of events (and my impression is that
the Maker Fair interested organizations may not have such experience).
In the latter case, the role of Alternative Party could be to provide
just some "slots" of content, e.g. organizing a competition or
something else.

Kim Viljanen, 040-5414654, digikim at altparty.org
Chairman, Alternative Party ry, www.altparty.org

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